Hatti Kaapi had its humble beginnings in one of the traditional coffee growing districts of Karnataka, where in the local dialect:


In 2009, we set up our very first store in Gandhi Bazaar, Bengaluru with one vision:

With an efficient team delighting customers and driving growth through unique products and initiatives, we have grown to 110 outlets, spread across the continent.


We source our beans from the plantations nestled in the traditional coffee growing regions of southern India, where coffee has been an inherent part of the lives of most in this region. We directly work with selective estates to ensure the consistency and quality of our beans.


We understand that taking care of Mother Earth is our responsibility and have initiated several green practices keeping this in mind:

  • We serve filter coffee in earthen pots and use biodegradable cups and plates
  • Used coffee grounds are packed and given away, complimentary, at our stores. These coffee grounds are great fertilizers for the garden.


Since the beginning of our journey, we have strongly believed in creating equal opportunities for everyone and have embedded this as a part of our culture. We are proud to have the senior citizens and the specially abled as a part of our workforce. They make such a great difference for us everyday at our work and truly represent the vision of our organisation.

Hatti Heroes

We lovingly call them our Special Hattians & Hatti Seniors. Their stories inspire us to push our limits and work harder

Our Founders

They believed in this vision even before there was a single outlet, worked day and night, overcame obstacles and persevered until it came true.

Read about their exciting
entrepreneurial journey