Hatti Heroes

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Hatti Heroes

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We have recruited people with special needs to man our outlets & empowered them to be self-reliant, confident & induced hope for sustainability. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate any job applicants on the basis of their religion, sex, caste, disability, or age. More than 10% of our employees on the rolls are people who are physically challenged. In addition, we have undertaken a drive to employee senior citizens and have initiated a senior citizens club at Hatti Kaapi. We have encouraged them to join us to make them self-reliant. Our upcoming store would be dedicated to senior citizens which would be completely managed by senior citizens.

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A senior Citizen working at Hatti Kaapi outlet at BIAL, Bengaluru

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Mr. Chandrashekar is from a rural place from Ramanagar and presently lives in Basavanagudi, Bengaluru. Initially, he worked at a paper factory as an Electrical Maintenance Engineer. After that he worked for 10 years at NTTF in Electronic City, Bengaluru. After his retirement, he did not want to sit idle at home and wanted to keep himself busy and earn to take care of his commitments. He has approached an NGO called Nightingales jobs 60+ for a job and they have referred him to Hatti Kaapi. It has been one and half years working as a cashier with Hatti Kaapi outlet at Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru. He feels working at the airport has brought him joy as it is the busiest outlet and encounters with celebrities like Shivrajkumar, Prakash Padukone, International Cricketers and many more has cheered him up. He is a proud parent of a son who is pursuing his Doctorate at USA. During the year 2016 he has visited USA for 45 days to attend his son’s Graduation Day. He is very grateful to Hatti Kaapi for having provided a job for him after his retirement.

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Ms. Rajeshwari is a physically challenged girl and born and brought up in Bangalore in a poor family. She has five sisters and one brother and all are got married. She lost her father in the year 2016 and now she is the only earning member in her family to take care of her aged mother. She had previously worked at Bajaj for 4 years as a Data Entry Operator cum Receptionist. Having prosthetic legs was made it difficult for her to travel. Hence she has to quit the job. Later, she has approached many companies for the job and could not get any job. Even though she has cleared all the rounds of interview in one of the Corporate Company which she does not want to share the name, due to her physical disability they denied the job. Since then she had been searching for a job from a very long time and one day she approached Mr. Rajanna, Ex- Commissioner of Disabled, Government of Karnataka and she was referred by him to Hatti Kaapi. Hatti Kaapi has given her a job of Cashier in one of their prestigious out let at Manyatha Tech Park

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Ms. Rajeshwari

A Differently Abled Hattian working at Hatti Kaapi at Manyata Techpark


since one and a half year. She is very happy to work at that outlet as she is coming across very friendly and loving customers from various corporate companies. Hatti Kaapi is providing her transport needs to commute from her residence to work place. She is very grateful for Hatti Kaapi for providing her a job and supporting her financially during her difficult times.

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Mr. Neelakanta Rao

A Senior Citizen working at the Hatti Kaapi Corporate Office, Ulsoor

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Mr.Neelakanta Rao is of 86 years old and still does not want to give up working. He is retired from Bharath Electronics Limited , Bengaluru, after having worked there for about 30 years. After retirement, he has worked in few private companies in Peenya, Bengaluru. Later, due to his heart problems, he has lost his job for few years. Later, he has joined at Hatti Kaapi about 5 years back. Till today he is the first person to attend the office in the morning and is very well disciplined. He lost his wife 7 years back and has three daughters and not willing to depend on any of them and likes to be self sustain and wanted to work till his death. Hatti Kaapi is taking care of his medical expenses apart from the salary. He is very happy to work with Hatti Kaapi and grateful to them.